Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cloud Computing at PDC and Elsewhere: Day 2 (10/28)

A daily compendium of PDC keynotes and sessions about Cloud Computing, SQL Server Data Services, and related topics. This post will be updated frequently from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM PDT or later. Unless otherwise noted all blog posts are dated 10/28/2008.

• Updated 10/29/2008 9:00 AM PDT: Additions of remaining 10/27 videos of Cloud Computing sessions

On-Demand Keynote 3 From Day 2

• Don Box and Chris Anderson: A Lap Around the Azure Platform (Day 2, Keynote 3)

Chris Anderson and Don Box take the microphone over in Keynote 3 and explore Microsoft's latest technologies through the eyes of working developers.

Don and Chris write the simplest possible program with HTTP URIs and XML that shows all the capabilities of the Azure Services platform. (This keynote, like Rick Rashid’s Day 3, Keynote 4, wasn’t streamed live.)

Session Videos From Channel9

Channel9 is starting to post videos of PDC 2008 interviews and sessions about 24 hours after the session’s end. Here are some of the first that are related to cloud computing:

David Campbell, Zach Skyles Owens: SQL Server: Database to Data Platform - Road from Server to Devices to the Cloud (Mon 10/27 | 5:15 PM-6:30 PM | 408B)

Cloud-based data services will change the way you develop and deploy applications, and SQL Server technologies are evolving to help you build data-driven solutions that span devices, desktops, servers, and the cloud. Learn how to use ADO.NET Data Services Framework (code name "Astoria"), SQL Server Data Services (SSDS), and the Microsoft Sync Framework. Hear how to build applications that can be deployed using SSDS in the cloud or SQL Server on-premises, and learn how to gain insights using the BI capabilities of Microsoft SQL Server.

Steve Marx: Developing and Deploying Your First Windows Azure Service (Mon 10/27 | 5:15 PM-6:30 PM | Petree Hall CD)

In this session we take a tour of the capabilities of the Microsoft cloud platform by building and running a simple service using the platform SDK. The sample service highlights some of the features of the platform including service management, storage, and an integrated developer experience. This is a demo-heavy session.

Lynn Ayres, Tore Sundelin: Identity: Connecting Active Directory to Microsoft Services (Mon 10/27 | 3:30 PM-4:45 PM | 515B)

Learn how to augment your existing IT infrastructure with Microsoft Services. Manage and secure end-user access to cloud services using your existing investment in Active Directory. Enable end users to access Microsoft services through existing Active Directory accounts, the same way they access your intranet-hosted software today. Hear how to enable existing software to use new service capabilities without re-writes, and do it all through the use of open and standard protocols.

Jitendra Thethi, Larry Beck, Erik Johnson, Brandon Watson Showcase: Industry Leaders Moving to the Cloud (Mon 10/27 | 12:45 PM-1:30 PM | 411)

Senior architects from Accenture, Epicor and Infosys, who have been using Microsoft's cloud platform for the last while, walk through the applications they've built on the platform, the architectures they've used and the lessons they've learned on what works and what doesn't. Get a real world perspective and questions answered from architects who have been getting their hands dirty with cloud services.

• Kolby Avital: "Dublin" and .NET Services: Extending On-Premises Applications to the Cloud (Mon 10/27 | 12:45 PM-1:30 PM | 515A)

Would you like to extend your existing SharePoint and .NET applications both on-premises and to the cloud in a non-intrusive way? This session will show you real-world examples of how to harness .NET Services workflow, access control and service bus to enhance business processes and add new capabilities to your application. We will demonstrate the use of "Dublin" Windows Application Server technologies to build extended application functionality. Lastly, you will see how workflow can be used to integrate across multiple organizations and the cloud. For ISVs, this session will provide a blueprint for how to sell more products to your installed base without requiring them to upgrade.

Brad Calder: Windows Azure Storage: Essential Cloud Services (ES04 01:14:50):

Modern services need available, scalable and durable data in many forms, including both structured and unstructured data. This session presents blob, table and queue storage services and the APIs for manipulating and querying data.

Brad Calder is Director/Architect of Cloud Storage, which is the essential scalable, available and durable storage for Microsoft’s Cloud Platform.

John Shuchuck: A Lap Around the Azure Services Platform (Mon 10/27 | 3:30 PM-4:45 PM | Petree Hall CD)

Learn about the Azure services that enable developers to easily create or extend their applications and services. From consumer-targeted applications and social networking web sites to enterprise class applications and services, these services make it easy for you to give your applications and services the most compelling experiences and features.

Manuvir Das: A Lap Around Windows Azure (Mon 10/27 | 11:00 AM-12:15 PM | Petree Hall CD 00:46:39)

Hear about key problems that cloud computing is solving and how these services fit into the Microsoft cloud computing initiatives. Learn about the pillars of the platform, its service lifecycle, and see how they fit with both Microsoft and non-Microsoft technologies. Also, hear about the services roadmap over the next few years.

Benjamin Ravani: Datacenters and Resilient Services (Mon 10/27 | 12:45 PM-1:30 PM | 408A | 00:52:31)

Microsoft Global Foundation Services (GFS) continues to learn by running online services while also building the next generation of services that are both resilient and cost effective. A key factor in realizing these goals is to apply innovation and lessons learned during the design phase. Take a look at the datacenter operations, and explore the challenges of managing large-scale services, such as Windows Live ID (WLID), which handle billions of transactions per day.

Kim Cameron: Identity Roadmap for Software + Services (Mon 10/27 | 11:00 AM-12:15 PM | 502A | 00:67:21)

The security demands on applications continue to grow in the face of compliance, online threats, and cloud- based software. In this session find out how to use Microsoft's portfolio of identity software and services to advantage your connected applications. Learn about the future roadmap for Identity and the claims-based architecture underlying it all, from Windows Live ID to Active Directory, from on-premises software to the cloud, and anchored in industry standard protocols.

Caleb Baker: Identity: "Geneva" Server and Framework Overview (Mon 10/27 | 1:45 PM-3:00 PM | 403AB | 00:74:21)

See how to use "Geneva" and the claims-based identity model to enable single sign-on, strong authentication, federation, and the ability to flow user authentication between applications. Find out how to use "Geneva" with ASP.NET, WCF, Active Directory, Windows Live ID, and Windows CardSpace.

This section will be updated as segments become available on 10/28/2008.

Cloud-Related Posts

Joe Wilcox: PDC Day 2 Quick Roundup (10/28/2008)

Microsoft saved some of the biggest developer news for the second day of the Professional Developers Conference. … Things were moving so fast during today's keynote, which went way over time, I simply couldn't get to it at once.

Jim Nakashima: ASP.Net MVC Projects running on Windows Azure (10/28/2008)

Strictly speaking, ASP.Net MVC projects are not supported on Windows Azure.  That is to say that we haven't spent the time to fully test all of the MVC scenarios when running on Windows Azure. 

That said, for the most part, they do work, just as long as you know what tweaks you need to make in order to get up and running.

I've attached a sample application that Phil and Eilon on the MVC team put together to help make it easier for you to get started.

Jim Nakashima: Video Walkthrough: A Quick Lap around Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio (10/28/2008)

(A brief 00:05:38 screencast rather than a Channel9 webcast.)

Ray Ozzie: Ray Ozzie: Reflections on Azure (00:06:02)

Microsoft CSA Ray Ozzie joins us for a quick chat (you can imagine how busy he is...) about the complexities of designing and implementing the Azure Services Platform, his key take-aways from the past two days at PDC and his guiding architectural principles for Azure (for those who know Ray, he is a staunch advocate for simplicity and adherence to protocols that already exist and are widely used).

Jim Nakashima: Windows Azure Walkthrough: Simple Table Storage (10/28/2008)

The Windows Azure Table Storage Services provides queryable structured storage. Each account can have 0..n tables.

The UI class (the aspx page and it’s code behind) is data bound through an ObjectDataSource to the SimpleTableSample_WebRole.ContactDataSource which creates the connection to the Table Storage service gets the list of Contacts and Inserts to, and Deletes from, the Table Storage.

Clint Covington: Storing Access apps and data in the cloud (10/28/2008)

Today’s guest writer is Liam Cavanagh from the Sync Framework and SQL Services team. They are doing some cool stuff that allows Access developers to store their app and data in the cloud using SQL Server Data Services. Liam is looking for people that want to beta test an upcoming release early next year. –Clint