Sunday, September 14, 2008

Technorati Ranks Mike Ormond’s Blog #8 with Authority of 11,764

I consider myself lucky to maintain a Technorati Authority of 76 to 80 for the OakLeaf Systems blog. (It once hit a high of 130 when I posted a controversial topic.) 

So I was surprised when I accidentally clicked on Technorati’s synopsis of a recent post about the Entity Framework by Microsoft UK’s Mike Ormond, as shown here:


I didn’t notice the Authority rating of either entry for Mike’s post in the preceding blurbs, but I did when I saw Mike’s rated #8 out of the approximately 2,000,000 blogs Technorati spiders, as shown here:

To give you an idea of some technology blogs competing in this authority range, TechCrunch is #2 with an authority of 22,152 and Gizmodo is #3 with an authority of 21,123. Scott Guthrie (ScottGu) ranks 739 with an authority of 1,855 (but his posting frequency has dropped considerably in the last month or so).

That’s not to say Mike’s blog isn’t great; it’s on my Feeds list to check every four hours.

However, Mike says its real Authority is 39 83 (see comment). The point is that rating a group blogsite (e.g., by the sum of its members authorities is nuts.

Issue: The preceding links appear to appear and disappear randomly and for no apparent reason. Several of my recent posts with Entity Framework tags still don’t appear in the list and the Entity Framework post frequency today is obviously incorrect:

I posted at least 10 items with an Entity+Framework tag during the period 8/20/2008 and 9/10/2008. It appears that Technorati was encountering spidering problems before their initial outage in August.

Note: My A Suggestion for Technorati's Blog Authority Ranking Algorithm post of 5/8/2007 suggests an improvement for Technorati’s ranking algorithm. However, it would make better sense for Technorati to concentrate on consistently listing new posts by tag and eliminating aggregate ranking of group blogsites before considering a more accurate ranking algorithm.


MikeO said...

Hey Roger. I think I'd probably retire with a ranking of #8 and get out while the going's good! My "true" ranking is around 75,000 with an authority of 83. Of course that varies a bit and every now and then Technorati goes a bit weird and reports something quite different. I agree with you on the group blogsite front - I don't see how that makes sense. Mike

--rj said...

Hi, Mike,

Raised the "real" rating from 39 to 83 per your comment.

Kris said...

I'd say don't pay too much attention to Technorati.

Technorati is the kind of company set up for the sole purpose of attracting a fictional user base, with no real value in the company/products/ip. Once they can claim high enough visitor numbers they can:

a) go hunting for VCs to rip off


b) sell it all to a cash-rich internet company (MSFT, ebay, google, amazon etc) who will buy them for some fantasy sum just so a competitor (google, amazon, msft, ebay) don't.

Except for the [broken] technorati ranking thing, Google blog search covers everything that technorati has, and unlike technorati it works... :)

--rj said...

Hi, Kris,

Technorati has the advantage of tag pages with RSS feeds, which I rely on for about 20 to 25% of the links on LINQ, Entity Framework, and related topics.

However, their feeds have been down since about 8/25/2008 but they didn't admit it until Monday 9/15, and then claimed the feeds were down only since the recent outage.

As to visitor numbers, Masable says they've been static at about 2.7 million uniques for the past year. Not so good. (See my latest Technorati post.)

KristoferA said...

Ok - I haven't used that feature.

When technorati is down, take a look at google blogsearch as an alternative. Their indexing is fast and of course it comes with Google's usual full text search, rss/atom feed for your own search phrases, email alerts etc.