Tuesday, August 12, 2008

LINQ and Entity Framework Posts for 8/11/2008

Note: Due to the volume of VS 2008 SP1 items, this post covers only August 11, 2008 content in an abbreviated format.

Entity Framework v1

Tim Mallalieu’s A Brief History in ENTITIES (... or what the Heck is this EF THing?) - part I essay discusses “why we built the EF and the EDM, what we think it is and where we think it is going.”

The Entity Framework Team’s ADO.NET Entity Framework & LINQ to Relational Data Code Gallery has an UPDATED Entity Framework Toolkits & Extensions WIKI.

ADO.NET Data Services (Astoria)

Pablo Castro’s Coming from under the rocks just to celebrate for a bit explains what’s coming to Astoria post-SP1, including “Astoria Offline” and alignment of alignment with SQL Server Data Services (SSDS) in vNext.

Raju Phani gives the location of Astoria documentation (System.Data.Services.Client) and promises that whitepapers are coming soon in MSDN Docs for ADO.NET Data Services RTM and provides C# examples for Query Interceptors and Change Interceptors in Code Snippets for Common Tasks in Ado.net Data Services.

Marcelo Lopez Ruiz gives brief explanations of the classes in the System.Data.Services namespace.

Mike Flasko summarizes SP1 changes and enhancements to Astoria in RTM is here!

SQL Server Data Services

Senkwe Chanda asks the SSDS team “Will client applications that make SSDS requests be able to do so securely (directly to my Containers) without having to go through a central server owned by the app developer?” in his Authentication for client applications accessing SSDS resources thread starter in the SQL Server Data Services (SSDS) - Getting Started forum. So far, there’s been a response from Mike Amundsen, but not the SSDS folks.

ASP.NET Dynamic Data

MaĆ­ra Wenzel’s Dynamic Data documentation is released! provides links to the official ASP.NET Dynamic Data documentation.


Alvin Yong discusses “propagating LINQ entities from the DAL to the UI and back, using the Repository pattern to handle entities and my current favourite approach: using DTOs” in LINQ for n-Tier Architecture Part 2. LINQ for n-Tier Architecture (5/27/2008) was part 1.

Dinesh Kulkarni describes SP1’s substantial (~30%) performance improvements for LINQ to Objects and LINQ to SQL queries in .NET Framework 3.5 SP1: LINQ perf improvements (LINQ to Objects and LINQ to SQL).

LINQ to Objects, XML, et al.

The domain.net.team describes a breaking change to Cast<T> in Undocumented Linq! .NET 3.5 SP1 Gold Forgot to Mention these Critical Changes that might Break your Code.


Anthony Carrabino provides and extensive feature list for SQL Server 2008 Express, with Tools and with Advanced features in SQL Server 2008 Express now available for download.

Zain Naboulsi fully documents his Defy Occasionally Connected Challenges with Smart Client Applications Heroes Happen Here Launch Events demo with a step-by-step tutorial and sample code in Creating and Using Synchronization Services with Visual Studio 2008.

Matt Berseth shows you how to conserve column space with Angled Column Headers with Silverlight 2's DataGrid.

Guy Burstein announces the availability of the Training Kit for VS 2008 SP1 and .Net Framework 3.5 SP1