Tuesday, May 06, 2008

LINQ and Entity Framework Posts for 5/5/2008+

Note: This post is updated daily or more frequently, depending on the availability of new articles.

Eugenio Pace Packages LitwareHR for use with Your SQL Server Data Services Account

The LitwareHR on SSDS available for download post of May 6, 2008 delivers the final version of Eugenio's Son of LitwareHR for SQL Server Data Services (SSDS). You'll need an SSDS account to make use of the software.

In Paging in SSDS & Parallel Queries of May 5, 2008, Eugenio explains that:

SSDS currently supports a very simple paging pattern that uses the entityId. By design, the first 500 entities will be returned, but the entities will be returned in entityId order. ...

[Y]ou could add an extra parameter to specify the maximum amount of total entities you are expecting as a result, monitor the amount retrieved by each thread and cancel any outstanding (parallel) queries if the limit is reached.

Dinesh Kulkarni Continues His LINQ to SQL Tips Series

In LINQ to SQL Tips 3: Deferred (lazy) or eager loading of related objects with stored procs of May 5, 2008, Dinesh explains how to override LoadEntitySet() methods to have stored procedures return associated entities.

Dinesh also answers the long-standing question of what Microsoft team he's on now in From LINQ team to App Framework on Silverlight team of May 4, 2008.

Jim Wooley Tells All About Migrating to LINQ

The geekSpeak recording: LINQ Migration Strategies with Jim Wooley podcast announcement of May 7, 2008 comes with this abbreviated abstract:

Our guest Jim Wooley has a longtime background with databases, coming out of the Access and Foxpro world. He shares his insights about how the advent of LINQ brings with it a new paradigm for working with data. This geekSpeak will get you thinking about data access in different ways - about a functional approach that's less about iterative manipulation - plus how this type of data access will find its home in future technologies like Silverlight.

Don't miss it.

Cynot: Why Not Use LINQ to Query Request.ServerVariables Output?

Tony Cavaliere's Request.ServerVariables, the LINQ way shows you how to write LINQ queries against objects of the NameValueCollection data type.

Matt Warren Adapts LINQ to SQL for Unit Tests with Mocks

This cutesy play on mach nicht (don't) disguises one of Matt's better hacks. His Mocks Nix - An Extensible LINQ to SQL DataContext post of May 5, 2008 provides the code to create an ExtensibleDataContext, a proxy that acts as an interceptor and "redirect[s] the calls back to methods on the DataContext that can be overridden," it's private provider variable in this case. "Instead of executing the query, I write out a simple message and return an empty collection."

Unit Tests Added to LINQ to Flickr by Mehfuz

Mehfuz's LINQ.Flickr 1.3 post of May 5, 2008 announces a udate to LINQ to Flickr "with several bug fixes, code optimization, new feature and overall mocking support."

He says:

I have used Typemock for the unit test of the product. In coming posts, I will show how powerful mock can be in faking routine like upload photo. But, you can dig it right away, if you go by the release page and download a copy of the product. Truly speaking, testing was never fun for serviced API till mock engine is at my hand.

The release is not all about re-factoring and mocking , but now you can query, add , delete photo comment , query people and popular tags and do more that are mentioned in the release page.

Mefuz is the developer of LINQExtender, a toolkit for creating custom LINQ implementations by focusing on the business logic rather than on writing code. LINQ to Flickr is an example of a LINQ provider created with the toolkit.

Sidar Ok Offers Tips for Speeding LINQ to SQL Performance

His 10 Tips to Improve your LINQ to SQL Application Performance post of May 2, 2008 delivers basic, but fundamentally sound advice for making your LINQ to SQL queries perform efficiently.

Yet Another Entity Framework Intro Piece

Ben Hall's Introducing the ADO.NET Entity Framework article for the May edition of UK's VSJ magazine covers "Creating your model" and "Querying the model" with brief excerpts from SSDL, MSL and CSDL files and code for executing Entity SQL queries against the EntityClient and Object Services layers, and issuing Entity SQL queries.

A Jewel from the Past: Bart De Smet on LINQ to SharePoint

Bart De Smet introduces his LINQ to SharePoint implementation in MSDN Webcast: geekSpeak: Using LINQ to SharePoint with Bart De Smet (Level 200) of October 31, 2007. Now that Bart's working for Microsoft, he doesn't appear to be updating the project. The current release is dated November 11, 2007.