Wednesday, May 02, 2007

MIX07 Session Videos are Locked Down

The MIX07 team posted this message Tuesday evening:

Many of the session recordings from yesterday are now posted! Visit to browse the the list. Sessions will continue to be posted as the become available from our production team. We've provided an RSS feed to alert you when they are added and we'll also highlight here some of our favorites as well.

The session videos are no longer locked down. The easiest way to view them is to subscribe to the RSS feed. Double-clicking an item in the feed opens the with the code for the event you clicked in the search box.

However, the team forgot to mention that the videos have an ACL that requires a username and password. The Registration page says nothing about how to obtain a username and password.

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Ben Hall said...

Its a shame the sessions are not available. I notice the sessions page is now down as well - tried it when it was protected by ACL.

Really hope they will make it open to the public - unless they have and hence why it is now down. If not now, after the event has finished at least.

Anonymous said...

I've no problem accessing the sessions from my home PC. Here is a link to LINQ session that I was able to view today as well:

Rafik Robeal

Brian Keller said...

Hi folks - the page should NOT be ACL'd. If you're getting prompted for a username/password then this is a bug. I'll be looking into this today. FWIW I just tried right now and am not being prompted for a login.

Our aim is to make this content available to everyone so if you are still having problems accessing it please drop me a line. briankel AT microsoft DOT com.

Brian Keller
Microsoft DPE

--rj said...

The sessions became generally available about 10:00 AM PST or thereabout. I still get the occasional logon pop up, but it doesn't prevent viewing the videos, as you can see by the next post.