Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Add .NET Data Reporting to Windows and Web Forms

The second article on data reporting for Visual Studio Magazine completes the "Visual Studio ReportViewer Duet." Here are brief descriptions and links to both pieces and their downloadable VB 2005 sample code:

Add Reports and Charts to Web Pages (March 2006 issue)

Deck: The ASP.NET 2.0 version of Visual Studio 2005's ReportViewer control and its Report Designer let Web page developers quickly embed, format, and export interactive reports and charts without running a SQL Server Report Server.

• Build Client-Side Reports Easily (November 2005 issue)

Deck: VS 2005's new ReportViewer controls and its built-in Report Designer enable smart-client and Web page designers to lay out, format, embed, export, and print interactive reports without running a SQL Server Report Server.

Unlike SQL Server Reporting Services, you can use any data source for which you have a native data provider or an OLE DB/ODBC-compliant Windows driver. This means you can bind ReportViewer reports to SQL Server Express, Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft Access, dBASE, MySQL, PostgreSQL and relational databases. Tip: The Other Resources link in the Article Tools box on each first page has download details for required components, additional documentation, and developer assistance for ReportViewer controls. Download the sample code from the box's Get the Code link. Technorati: